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The finest non-alcoholic cocktails available at Tribez Steak & Grill Bolton on 242 Halliwell Road. So tasty, fruity and fabulous that you'll never know the difference - and all prepared with the freshest fruit and most tantalising ingredients.

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Zero% alcohol - 100% awe-inspiring flavour

Whoever said you need alcohol to have a good time? Our famous, beautifully flavoured mocktails will quench your thirst in the most gloriously satisfying way - transporting you to tropical climes and sun-kissed vistas in just one sip! Quite simply, they're an unmissable complement to any meal - a guilt-free treat that's fruitily fantastic. 

Check out the mocktails we're currently serving, below. Make sure to try them all!

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mocktail with lime, chips and beef burger.jpg
mocktail being held up to T sign
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Strawberry Crush

This fruity sensation delivers fresh strawberries, mint, lime juice and honey in one mouth-watering measure.

Waka Waka Passion

Delicately flavoured with passion fruit, orange and a mint dressing for a true sense of Africa.

Tribez Coco Piña

A creamy and delicious mix of pineapple, milk, coconut cream and crushed ice, making for a thirst-quenching sensation!

Tropical Sunset

You'll love this tropical blend of orange, pineapple and grenadine syrup, garnished with slices of fresh orange. Delish!

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